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IV Drug Therapy Course

IV DRUG THERAPY About the IV Drug Therapy Training Course IV therapy has historically been used in hospitals to treat
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PEG Feeding

PEG FEEDING TRAINING COURSE About the PEG Feeding Training Course When PEG feeding is used, there are risks of bacterial
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Tracheostomy Awareness

TRACHEOSTOMY AWARENESS TRAINING COURSE About the Tracheostomy Awareness Training Course All healthcare staff responsible for the care of tracheostomy patients
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Lidocaine Infusion

LIDOCAINE INFUSION TRAINING COURSE About the Lidocaine Infusion Training Course Lidocaine is the most common anesthetic agent used for infusion
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Suction And Nebulisers Training

SUCTION AND NEBULISER TRAINING   About the Suction and Nebuliser Training Course   The Oral Suction training course is designed
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Venepuncture Awareness

VENEPUNCTURE AWARENESS About this Venepuncture Awareness Training Course This Venepuncture Awareness training course is suitable for all staff who work
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Suppository Administration

SUPPOSITORY ADMINISTRATION TRAINING About the Suppository Administration Training Course This Suppository Administration course is great for any care worker who
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Catheterisation Male and Female

CATHETERISATION MALE AND FEMALE TRAINING COURSE About the Catheterisation Male and Female Training Course Catheterisation is the process of inserting
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Oxygen Therapy Course

OXYGEN THERAPY TRAINING COURSE About the Oxygen Therapy Training Course On completion of this online Oxygen Therapy training course, the
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Basic Observations

BASIC OBSERVATIONS TRAINING COURSE About the Basic Observations Training Course The online Basic Observations course aims to help care workers
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Artificial Ventilation

ARTIFICIAL VENTILATION About the Artificial Ventilation Training Course Artificial ventilation assists or stimulates breathing for a patient who may not
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Blood Transfusions

BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS About this Blood Transfusions Training Course In an acute hospital setting, the transfusion of blood components and blood
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Pressure Care and Moisture Lesion Awareness



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CANNULATION About the Cannulation Training Course Cannulation is the most commonly performed invasive procedure and it’s important to know the
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