It’s a well-planned session facilitated by the learner’s assessor here at Verrolyne Training Ltd, conducted virtually (Online) in the presence of the learner’s Manager or Supervisor. Together, the learner and their manager get into various competence-related topics pertinent to the course. Guided by the assessor’s observation planning, the dialogue between the learner and their manager is observed, providing valuable insights. From this interaction, the assessor comes up with a comprehensive report which is aligned with qualification criteria.
The observation report and the expert statement from the Manager, completes the learner’s Competence part of the qualification.

Without the inclusion of Online Observation, learners receive all the privileges only without observation by our assessor. In this case, the learner has to source another person who can be their supervisor or Manager to carry out the observation provided the person carrying out the observation has both the assessor qualification at least at level 3 and recognized in England, and they need to possess the qualification the learner is on. For example, if the learner is doing Level 3 Diploma in Residential Childcare (RQF), then, the person carrying out observation must have a similar or higher qualification related to the same. Therefore, this option is especially recommended for learners whose manager or Supervisor possesses an assessor-related qualification and familiarity with the certificate being pursued. In such cases, the Manager or Supervisor assumes the role of the observer, conducting the necessary assessments and providing detailed reports to the training center, accompanied by their own qualifications and expertise.

The answer is yes. In the instance that you purchase the package without observation then find out that your manager or supervisor doesn’t meet the requirements to proceed with your observation, you can let us know and we can have this arranged for you on an agreed top up amount.

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