Why do you need a food allergen awareness certificate?

Why do you need a  certificate? In this blog post, you will learn about the importance of food allergen awareness. Did you know that some people have allergic reactions to certain foods? This can be a life or death situation for them! In order to prevent any harmful accidents from occurring, it is important for restaurants and cafés to become food-allergy aware. Keep on reading to find out more! 

How do you get a food allergen awareness certificate?

In order to obtain a food allergy awareness certificate, you must complete a food-allergy course. This certification will make sure that you know what types of allergies exist and how to best prevent them from occurring. An example of a popular food allergy awareness course is the Food Allergy Awareness training offered by

What does a food allergy certificate look like?

A food allergy certificate will have your name printed at the top, along with the date. It will be signed and stamped by the instructor. In addition, you will have a seal of authenticity at the bottom of the page so that people know your certification is real.

What do I need to do after receiving a food allergy awareness certificate?

In order to be certified as a food-allergy-aware person, you must practice what you have learned! This includes reading all ingredients on any food you plan to purchase, talking with the employees at any restaurants or cafés you visit in order to make sure that no food allergens are present, and taking courses on food allergies.


For more information about how to be a food allergy-aware person, click here or contact your local restaurant!

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