What a Difference Live-In Care Can Make

What a Difference Live-In Care Can Make - Verrolyne Training

What a difference Live-in Care can make! Just a few short months ago my wife went into the hospital and was told she had ten to fifteen more years to live. She was devastated. As the days went by and I researched nursing home care, I began to realize that this particular type of care makes a big difference in the quality of life of those who are elderly or have limited physical abilities. I know how important it is for my wife to be able to enjoy her grandchildren and be around people who are important to her, but without Live-in Care I don’t know what she would do.

Live-in Care provides companionship for your elderly loved one. There are certain advantages to this type of care. Your loved one can be monitored day and night and can move around in the home or facility she is in on a daily basis. She can even go to places that are off-limits for other family members because she knows there are staff members around to help her out. She gets a lot more exposure to people who are going to be supportive and help her through her challenging times.

Another advantage is that your elderly loved one has a consistent caregiver. Most elderly care facilities have one caregiver that takes them in when the senior resident is awake, while the other caregiver stays during the night. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of care. With a nursing home environment, there is no consistent caregiver and your elderly loved one might spend the night in an unfamiliar environment, which could be frightening. With a Live-in Care caregiver, there is a consistent caregiver and they know where your elderly loved one is at all times.

Having a live-in care provider come into the home regularly also means that the caregiver is familiar with the routines of the senior citizen. This allows the caregiver time to plan special activities for them. It also gives your elderly loved one time to socialize and meet new friends. The caregiver knows the senior citizen likes the help and has developed a relationship with the caregiver.

When hiring a live-in care provider, it’s important to look at their qualifications. It’s helpful if you can get references and see before and after photos of the caregiver and the client. When you interview live-in care providers, make sure to ask questions about their background, their experience with seniors, any medications they are on, any training they have, what areas they are certified in, and how long they have been working with older adults. While this may seem like a small detail, it can make or break the care experience for your elderly loved one.

Making a difference in the life of a senior citizen is something that everyone wants. With live-in care, you don’t need to move into the home to provide the adult daycare that you need. You simply need to hire a caregiver who lives next door or across the street to provide all the care your senior citizen needs.

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