Tips on Making Your Home Dementia Friendly

Tips on Making Your Home Dementia Friendly

Dementia is a rapidly growing problem in our society, and tips on making your home dementia friendly are becoming more necessary. As the population ages, there is an increased tendency for older people to get Alzheimer’s disease. Because medications often have unpleasant side effects, finding a natural supplement that can help alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s is ideal. In this brief article, we will discuss some tips on making your home a friendly dementia-friendly place.

If you are prone to getting Alzheimer’s disease, it may be important to get routine checkups from your doctor. By doing so, your doctor can catch any potential problems before they become serious enough to be obvious to the everyday family. In the meantime, take some time out for yourself to enjoy relaxing activities around your home. Spend time with loved ones, do woodworking or gardening, or just hang out with friends.

Dementia can also be triggered by certain elements in your environment, so if you notice that your home is filled with clutter or if your bedroom seems overly decorated, it may be time to do some cleaning. A basic cleanse once a week is a good start, since you can eliminate the most difficult items in manageable piles. Then, after your cleansing is complete, assess the areas that need the most scrubbing or painting. Some dementia sufferers find that cleaning up their surroundings helps them feel better about their own space.

Keep your kitchen healthy. Make sure your stove, refrigerator, and cabinets are clean, and remove anything that is broken. If you have a dishwasher, make sure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned before putting them away. Your kitchen may also need a general cleanup to remove any dust that may have accumulated through the years. By doing a quick thorough cleaning, you will reduce the chances that you will be exposed to toxins in foods or beverages.

Make sure your lighting fixtures in your home are also in tip top shape. Many seniors fall victim to a stroke or heart attacks due to poor lighting. Make sure your lamps, ceiling lights, and chandeliers are all working properly. Investing in a good home automation system that automatically turns off lights when they aren’t needed can help make your home more friendly for a variety of reasons.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started in making your home dementia friendly. There are many other things you can do to help make your home as friendly for your loved one as possible. With just a bit of effort, you can make your home an oasis that they will love to spend their time in. By making sure that they have plenty of options to occupy their time, you are giving them a reason to feel at home in your home.

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