The Anatomy of a Great Makeup Kit

The Anatomy of a Great Makeup Kit

Everyone loves the feeling of that first makeup kit!! We here at Friends know that this can be quite the investment, both in time and money, so before you start filling your shopping baskets let’s take a look at all of the essentials. Trends Beauty aims to get you exactly what you need for every price point! 

For Makeup, you are going to need the following items to get you going!!

Pack of Coffees

Coffee is essential for starting any day off right! We all have those days when we just cannot get going, and the only thing that helps is a nice strong coffee. These are easily accessible in most supermarkets or cafes and can be used to give you that little boost of energy needed in order to get started.

Toilet Paper

Most of us don’t think about it until we really need it, but then panic sets in and we start wondering how we are going to cope. These little 2ply squares of joy will be your best friend when you just can’t be bothered to get up and go to the bathroom. Can you imagine trying to figure out how to work makeup without your hands? It’s not pretty. So always make sure you have extra on hand for those days when you don’t get to the bathroom in time!!

Water Bottle

 In our busy lives filled with school, work and play it can be hard to remember to stay hydrated. Make a pact with yourself that no matter how long or how busy your day is, you will make sure to drink at least one full bottle of water. You can join the “Hydration for Health” movement online and get all the updates on great events that are taking place around the world! A new trends Beauty favorite!!

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