Simple Makeup Tips For a Perfect Makeup Appearance

Simple Makeup Tips For a Perfect Makeup Appearance

As women, get much advice on looks every day. But doesn’t much of it really work? Does the stuff they tell you on TV really work? Sometimes there’s a touch of danger and comfort when you understand what really works for your skin and face. As a long-time experienced beauty blogger and writer who’s spent the last few years working with A-List celebrities and top makeup artists, have gathered a few simple makeup tips that work well for nearly all women.

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you, so be sure to pay attention to them. The most common mistake made by women is using eyeshadow and eyeliner too thickly. Instead, use eyeshadow and mascara in softer shades to bring out the natural look of your eyes. If you wear glasses, you can soften them using brown or gold eye shadow. You can also use eyeshadow to define the shape of your eyes or to add light to a dark look.

Another of my beauty tips is to always use a mascara wand with one single color. Even if your lashes are long or short, use one single color. Mascara wands are usually sold with two, three or four colors. When applying mascara, use a cotton swab so that you don’t irritate your eyes with the bristles. If you don’t want to change brushes often, purchase a mascara bag with several different wand styles so that you can switch up your eye color every day or every other day.

For those of you with oily skin, applying makeup is very important as it will help to reduce the oil in your skin, which can show up when you smile or dress too attractively. An easy way to reduce oil in your skin is to use a pressed powder instead of regular powder. A pressed powder will help prevent the caked-on appearance of oil. If you have extremely oily skin, you may also want to try a sheer covering foundation that is oil-free. Your ultimate simple makeup tips would be to apply your foundation with a cotton swab and pat your face with a tissue after each application.

Some women have too many layers of cosmetics on their face, and they do not know that there is an easier way to apply their make-up. The best simple makeup tips are to use eye liners, eye pencils and mascara to line the area around your eye. If you do not have thick eyelashes, then eyeliners and pencils are not for you. To apply eyeliner, use a small brush to draw a thin line inside the lower corner of your eye. If you have longer lashes, then you may want to use mascara with thicker lashes.

If you want your lashes to last all day, then you should apply primer before applying your mascara. This is one of the best makeup tips because it will prevent your lashes from sticking together as well as give them a natural color. Another great tip for a smudge proof application is to apply primer with a Q-tip until the color is blended into your lashes.

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