Simple Legionella Awareness Tips for Pet Owners

Simple Legionella Awareness Tips for Pet Owners

The Legionella Awareness Tips is about the latest strain of a yeast-like fungus that is being found in pet animals. This fungal organism is being spread through pet animals like cats and dogs. Pets that have this fungal infection usually feel itching and tenderness on their body. Some other signs that your pet may have this illness include having a weak immune system, respiratory tract infection and ear infections. These signs occur when the fungus invades the pet’s bloodstream and other internal parts. To make sure that you know what is causing these illnesses for your pet, let us now have a look at the facts about this fungal infection.

The most common symptoms of the infection in humans include itching, redness, blisters and soreness. Though the signs of the infection in pets are not as obvious, pet owners must be aware that it can also result in more serious health problems like the formation of feline leukemia. Therefore, pet owners must take note of these symptoms. Once you notice anything unusual in your pet’s behavior, seek medical attention right away. The best way to prevent the infection from affecting the immune system of your pet dog or cat is by having a regular check up with a veterinarian and by providing your pets with a healthy diet.

One important tip that you can follow in dealing with Legionella Awareness Tips is keeping the infected animal warm and hydrated. As mentioned above, this fungal infection is caused by a drop in the temperature of the animal’s body. Therefore, it is essential that you have an enclosure for your pet so that the air can circulate and maintain a comfortable temperature for the pet. Also, you have to keep your pet indoors at night to prevent the fungi from growing. If your pet is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, then you have to give him or her a UV protective coat.

The next one of the tips that pet owners should follow is cleaning the eyes of their pets regularly. Since the symptoms of this fungal infection are usually seen in the cat’s eyes, it is vital that you have to clean his or her eyes with anti-fungal ointment after every visit to the vet. Since prevention is better than cure, one should also clean their pet’s house regularly. For this reason, it is very important to keep the house free from pet waste materials and other such unnecessary items.

In addition to these steps, pet owners also need to take their pets to the vet for regular checkups. A simple exam will help you detect whether the cat or dog has been infected with Legionella or not. This test is also known as a stool test. So, if your pet shows any type of stool that contains mold, it is better that you have it checked immediately.

One of the most important Legionella tips that pet owners can follow is that they should always make sure that their pets are getting proper nutrition. Dogs and cats are susceptible to this fungal infection, mainly because they have weaker immune systems compared to dogs. So, one should make sure that they feed their pets with high quality food that contains high levels of vitamins and minerals. They should also offer fresh drinking water and provide an ample amount of fresh air to their pets.


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