Self Harm Awareness Tips For UK Based Muslims

Self Harm Awareness Tips For UK Based Muslims - Verrolyne Training

In the Islamic religion there is a form of worship known as Haram, which is performed by non-Muslims and is considered to be unclean. The basic concept of Haram is that death is not acceptable for anyone, for example, an adulterer, a thief, a butcher, and aadulterer etc. Anyone who performs this act will be shunned by society in general, they can also face the death penalty. Therefore, it is very important for every Muslim to know and follow some self Haram Awareness Tips.

Be respectable – This is one of the most important things to consider. It is advised that a Muslim should be honest, upright, and respectful when meeting their own parents, friends, or strangers. If one knows they are being observed, one should make sure they are dressed modestly, respectful, and respectful of the people they are speaking with. It is advised that if at all possible, one should dress modestly when out in public. This should help prevent them from being accused of Haram and from getting into trouble with others for not being Islamic enough, or of being suspicious in general.

Keep your family informed – This tip may seem self-explanatory, but it is important that everyone in the family is kept updated on what is going on. There are many Harams in the world today, and unfortunately there are innocent people who have lost their lives because of it. By informing everyone in the family, especially the children, about what is going on, this can prevent anyone from taking any action that could put their lives in danger, such as trying to leave the country or going on vacation. Also, if one has a cell phone, they should keep it in their room or in a place that they know they will not be disturbed by someone who may try to call them or try to sell it to them.

Protect valuables – It is also advised that a Muslim should always lock their doors and windows when away from home. They should do this even when they are inside the house. One should never leave valuables lying around on the counter, on tables, or anywhere. This includes any money that is on hand. Muslim homes should always be burglar proof.

Protect your belongings – When away from home, a Muslim should ensure that they store their valuables where they cannot be reached by anyone else. If they must leave the house, they should wear a niqab (a face veil) and put their hands behind their head. They should check to make sure nobody is going into their home or stealing things. A Muslim home should be completely secured, and all entrances should be closed off from the outside.

Harams attacks on the weak and the innocent. They are the acts of hate and must be stopped by any Muslim who values their humanity and wants to practice their religion. Anyone who is considering leaving the country for any reason should consider these tips before they leave the house. These tips can help keep one from becoming a victim of a Muslim terrorist attack.


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