PSP Private Join – How to Disable People Issues

Disable People Issues

Some people think that you can disable people’s issues by using special codes for the PSP. It is true that you can do that but to do it properly and legally you need a means or two – a tutorial and a guide. With this in hand you will be able to at least get the job done. But how do we do it? What kind of codes are there and how to use them?

A tutorial is what you will need. It will tell you everything you need to know about the PSP. On your screen you will see a series of small buttons. You will see there are three of them which are – Enable People Issue, Join Factions and Remove Characters.

Press any button on the left to bring up the menu. From there, select “menu”, “select user”, “set character”. These are the menus you will need to follow to enable people issue, join factions and remove characters. Here, if you have already selected a character, press the [HOME] key twice.

Once you have done that, you will need to click on “OK”. The Disable People Issue screen will appear. Select “Yes” to confirm that you want to enable the PSP’s self-verning feature so you can change the way people are added to your organization, faction and/or social group. Then the PSP will prompt you again to add new members in total, incl. Independent Members, Registered Factions and PSP Private Join.

After that, you should go to the PSP menu and select “Search” and enter the details that are there. This should give you a list of PSP user accounts that are connected to this Private Online Server. Then go to the PSP menu again and select “Add Friend”, fill in all the required details. When a request for more information is sent to you by the PSP, you should check whether or not the request is valid before you proceed to the next step. If it is valid, you will just need to verify that the PSP that you have typed in belongs to the person you are trying to add.

In the end, just to confirm the request and send it, preferably through the PSP messaging system. The PSP that you entered should be replaced with the PSP user ID of the person you want to add. You should then receive an email from the PSP asking you to confirm the verification of the subscription by logging in to the PSP site. You must click on the “Yes” button and then you will gain access to your friend finder profile, which contains a list of all PSP users that you can find in your local area or that you are affiliated with.

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