Nail Shaping Tips – How to Form and Fix Your False Nails

There are many professional, home and Nail Shaping Tips that are available over the Internet. There are even packages with multi-function nail filing and trimming kits in the packages. The truth is that most Nail Shaping Tips and Advice for Nail Filing is worthless and not worth the paper it is written on. This could be because these people have never tried the process or haven’t been professionally trained to help their customers. Here are some of the common nail filing myths or just lack of knowledge about the Nail Shaping System.

One common myth is that filing your nails will speed up the shedding process. This is not true because filing your nails will actually help to keep the extra dead skin from falling off your nails. This will keep the cuticles neat and tidy. You would still see the natural process of nail shaping going on without the extra pressure caused by the filing.

Another popular Nail Shaping Tips is that you should go for a darker nail polish shade when filing your nails. This is totally false, as it has been proven that darker nail polish shades actually make it harder for you to see the cuticles while filing. It is much easier to see the cuticles of your nail polish is lighter. This is especially true when you are working with a package contents of different thicknesses. You need to make sure that the package content is the same in all your nail trimming activities.

A very interesting false nail shaping tips is that it is okay to use only one out of two cuticles when filing. When this is done then you will not have to file the same cuticles again. This could be the reason why most professional Nail Shapers do not recommend the use of two cuticles when filing. These Nail Shaping Tips will never work when you are using multi-function nail kits, as there is no way that you can get the same result by filing them separately.

A very important rule regarding multi-function kits when it comes to nail filing is that you should apply your base coat before you apply your top coat. This will ensure that you do not skip a layer. You also have to apply the cuticle oil and then wait until the oil dries before you file your nails. If you forget to apply the oil prior to filing then your nails might turn out chipped or fuzzy. This is why it is very important to use the entire kit to file your nails.

You also have to use the right tools when doing false nails. The main tools that you will need are a soft bristle nail brush and a nail file. These two tools will ensure that your nails remain straight and also will help you achieve the best shape. Once you have obtained the best shape, you should then file your nails to achieve the final polish look. If you want to know more about these tips and techniques, then make sure you visit some of the blogs listed below.

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