How to Support a Family Member with Depression or Anxiety?

Depression or Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that can affect anyone, including your family members. Many people find it difficult to know what to do when a loved one is acting depressed or anxious. There are many ways you can support them without having to take on their illness as your own. Here are some helpful tips for supporting someone with depression or anxiety: 

Learn all you can about depression and anxiety.

Be patient with your loved ones, give them time to talk if they want to, but don’t push them because this could make them avoid talking altogether. Help your loved one get professional help because depression and anxiety are real illnesses that require treatment. There are many types of therapy (this is a good time to research what’s available in your area) that you could learn about together.

Be patient and understanding with them. Sometimes people can’t snap out of their depression, so always let your loved one know that it is okay to have a bad day or two. Be aware of resources and treatment options in your area. Being a caregiver can be exhausting, so take care of yourself as well.


Sometimes people with depression or anxiety aren’t aware that they have a treatable illness. It’s important for someone who is depressed to seek treatment and the first step to seeking help is recognizing what isn’t going right in their life. Remain supportive even if your loved one doesn’t want help.

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