How To Find The Right Person To Live In Care of?

How To Find The Right Person To Live In Care of?

As a long-term solution, live in care is growing in popularity as a better substitute for a care home. You may still be wondering if live-in care is the right choice for you if you are still exploring your options. When your loved one needs round-the-clock care, the two main options are a care home and a live-in caregiver.

The ability to distinguish between the good and the bad live-in caregivers is therefore essential. As a result, this person has regular access to your home and possessions and could potentially steal or damage them.

The live-in carers will arrive on time (if not earlier) when they are scheduled to work. By being on time or early for all scheduled appointments, you will have a good relationship with them.

The best live-in carers will also be reliable and dependable. Unless there is an emergency, workers should never cancel a shift at the last minute or “forget” about a scheduled shift. If your caregiver is more than twenty minutes late, or if they leave an hour early, you should consider talking to them about it.

In addition to valuing your time and other people’s time, good live-in carers will also respect yours. They will be on time for all appointments (like doctor’s visits), and will not show up too early or assume they can arrive early.

A good live-in carer will ask for permission before entering your home when you are not home. They should never enter your house without permission unless it is an emergency situation (for instance, if you have fallen and cannot get up).

Live-in carers should respect your personal boundaries, and not touch anything that does not belong to them.

Good live-in carers will treat you with kindness and respect while still being professional. They may even offer words of encouragement or compliments.

Furthermore, live-in carers should be punctual about turning in paperwork, including reports and other documents.

They will also value teamwork and accept constructive criticism.


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