How To Create Neutral Smokey Eye Look?

How To Create Neutral Smokey Eye Look? - Verrolyne Training

A neutral smokey eye look is a go-to for many makeup lovers. It’s an easy way to spice up your day-to-day and can be worn with a variety of different outfits. This blog post will give you tips on how to create the perfect one!

What you’ll need:

-Eye primer (optional)  –Eyeshadow in a neutral tone (light brown or tan works well for this!)  -Black eyeliner pencil  -Mascara and false eyelashes if desired


This look is very easy to create and can be worn casually but also dressed up!

Start by priming your eyes if desired. Apply a matte brown or tan-ish eye shadow starting with the base of your eyelid and moving its way outwards to the edge of your eye.  

Next, take a black eyeliner pencil and create a thin line across your upper lashline (optional: wing it out for a more dramatic look!). Fill in the space between your upper lashline and lower lashline with the same brown or tan-ish shadow.

Now you can take some black liquid eyeliner (optional: smudge it out so it is less noticeable) and draw a thin line on your top lid, making sure to wing it out, just like you did with the pencil.

Finally, apply mascara if desired. And voila! A simple yet beautiful neutral smokey eye.

**Extra tip:

If your skin is very pale or pastel toned, try using a shimmering white eye shadow instead of brown or tan for extra pop. Also, it may be a good idea to try a matte nude-pink lip gloss if you have pale skin.


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