How To Apply Lipstick For Ultimate Beauty?


Even if you’ve found the best long-wear or liquid lipstick in the most beautiful hue, applying lipstick flawlessly can seem hard (especially if you’re going for a dramatic color like red or new lip color for fall). One side may be bigger than the other, resulting in asymmetrical lips, or you may overline your lips, making them appear artificial.

We have a few tips as to how to apply lipstick for the perfect finish. Read on!

  1. Find your side

One thing that may help is finding your left and right sides. Simply follow these steps:

  • Hold a pencil straight against the outer corner of your nose until it touches your lips at its fullest  (the right corner for the right side)
  • Follow your natural lip line towards the center, stop before you get to the middle of your lips  (the left corner for the right side)
  • Repeat on the other side (the left corner for the left side).

This should give you an idea of which part of your lips is bigger and can help you make sure you apply lipstick symmetrically.

  1. Outline your lips first

Another tip is to outline your lips with a pencil or even concealer before applying lipstick (similar to how you would contour). This will give the color something to adhere to and give you a guiding line for putting on your lip color. It will help you fill in the gaps of your lips and give them a smooth finish.

  1. Perfectly place your color

To make sure that each side of your lips (and the center) has the right amount of lip color, we recommend putting some on a hippie stick and then keeping dotting it between your lips until your formula is even. You can also use the same technique using a lip brush if you feel more comfortable with this.

For long-wearing lipsticks, you can fix anything once it’s set with powder or clear lip liner (we recommend Lipliner on top of your lipstick for extra staying power). For some liquids or very light formulas, this may not be necessary.

If you follow these steps, your lipstick should look perfect!

As always, we’d love to hear about the tips and tricks that work for you, so please let us know in the comments section below.

We hope this article was helpful and that you learned some new tricks on how to apply lipstick for the perfect finish.

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