How age verification helps you not be a creep?

Do you find yourself constantly creeping’ on the internet? Age verification: Probably not, but it’s hard to know for sure. Creepers are everywhere these days and age verification is an important tool in preventing people like you from being one of them. Get your facts straight about how this new law protects kids with this blog post!!

How Age Verification Can be Helpful For your Kid’s Safety?

It’s understandable that the internet can seem like a pretty scary place for kids. This is why establishing clear guidelines around what people are allowed to access online is so important. Age verification is one of the ways this goal is currently being accomplished. This article will give you some background about how it works and why it matters so much.

In most cases, adult content is restricted to people who are 18 or older. For parents, this means that they know what their kids are seeing is appropriate for them – no more worries about pictures of graphic violence or pornographic material popping up on their child’s computer screen. For kids without parental control, this means they won’t stumble upon anything that they aren’t yet old enough to be exposed to.

However, even with established age restrictions and parental controls, there’s still a lot of content on the internet that anyone can view. This is where age verification comes in – it helps ensure that people can’t view content that isn’t meant for them. For example, if you’re only 13 but have access to your older sibling’s Netflix account, you won’t be able to watch R-rated movies through the service because of age restrictions.


Age verification is an important tool in keeping kids safe online. This article has given you the information you need to know about how it works and why it matters so much.

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