Five Reasons Why People Love Gel Polish

Five Reasons Why People Love Gel Polish

Gel polish is all the rage. It’s so popular because it has so many benefits over traditional nail polish. If you want to get in on the trend, read below for five reasons why people love gel polish. 

  1. Longer Lasting Than Traditional Nail Gel Polish

Gel nail polish typically lasts 2-3 weeks without chipping, which is twice as long as traditional nail polish. As an added bonus, gel nails don’t even need to be removed when the time comes: they can simply be buffed and reapplied!

  1. No UV Lamps Required

Traditional gel manicures use UV lamps to cure the polish, but this isn’t the case with OPI Infinite Shine. This line of gel polishes can be cured in an LED lamp or a traditional topcoat, which makes them much more accessible for people who are unable to visit expensive salons every two weeks.

  1. So Many Color Options

Gel nail polish is available in so many colors, from bright neons to deep chocolates. Because the gel applies directly to the nails and cures quickly, there’s no light-sensitive waiting period, which means that a huge range of fashion shades are immediately available to users!

  1. Advanced Formulas

Most gel polishes are free of harsh chemicals and have advanced formulas that deliver high-shine results. OPI Infinite Shine is free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. The result? Pretty nails without the expensive salon visits!

  1. Cures in Minutes

LED emitting gel polish cures in minutes, so you’ll be able to put your nails under the light and walk away immediately. With some other kinds of gel polish, users have to sit around with their hands in UV lamps for several minutes, which is time-consuming and uncomfortable!


Gel nail polish has a ton of benefits over traditional nail polishes. If you want longer-lasting manicures and the ability to switch up your color choices, gel polish is for you.

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