Fire safety on the Job: Keeping the Office Kitchen Safe

Fire safety

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about fire safety for your business is your fire sprinkler system or fire alarms. However, have you considered fire safety in the office kitchen? According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), nearly 20% of commercial office fires start in the kitchen, with culinary equipment accounting for 29% of those fires. While office kitchen fires may start out small, they can quickly spread and cause serious structural damage to your workplace — even the entire structure.

Working lunches, birthday celebrations, company events, and holiday parties are just a few examples of workplace functions and social gatherings where food is prepared. While enjoying the event, be careful of your employees’ safety and learn how to practise office kitchen fire safety at your workplace.

Service or Replace Appliances with Worn or Frayed Power Cords

Inspections of kitchen appliance power cords should be done twice a year to ensure there are no frayed or exposed wires. These cables can cause a fire. Remember to train employees to report any damaged power cables or appliances as soon as they are discovered, so that the cord or appliance can be repaired or replaced as soon as feasible.

Do Not Leave Cooking Food Unattended

We all like to believe we can multitask, but we can only focus on one thing at a time sometimes. When cooking food at work while attempting to do other chores, this concentrated attention is even more vital.

At home, you stand over the stove and keep an eye on the food you’re preparing. Maintain the same level of care at work. Employees should be urged to practise basic fire safety and keep an eye on their food while it is being prepared to avoid it burning.

Clean and Service Kitchen Appliances Regularly

Before a meeting or a conference call, many people make a fast lunch. We all leave messes in the microwave or on the burner from time to time, and some of us are better at cleaning up than others. However, accumulated grease or food waste on or near cooking surfaces can cause a fire hazard, which can be easily avoided if everyone in the workplace kitchen does their part and cleans up after themselves.

Provide Fire Extinguisher Training for All Employees

In the event of a kitchen fire at your office, you’ll want your entire crew to know how to use a fire extinguisher properly. Everyone in your company should be aware of how they can assist in the suppression or extinguishment of a fire. If you don’t give your employees the proper training, your office — and your entire company — might burn down.

Protect Your Business with Fire Safety Training 

Verrolyne Services can assist UK firms with fire extinguisher training and other fire safety procedures. We also offer first-aid and other life-saving training that your staff may use at home and at work.

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