How Does an Aspirating Fire And Smoke Detection System Work

fire and smoke detection system

Starting with the basics, let’s look at what an aspirating fire and smoke detection system is. Sometimes known as an ASD (aspirating smoke detector), it is a system that can monitor smoke levels at various locations in a building, signaling early on when a fire breaks out.

Aspirating Fire & Smoke Detection System Working Process?

The way it works is by aspirating the air around the detector. A fan pulls air through a one-way filter, which prevents any sparks or embers from entering the unit and causing false alarms. The air then passes through a sensor, which detects even the tiniest amounts of smoke particles. As soon as smoke is detected, the alarm goes off. The sensing range of an aspirating smoke detector is up to 15 meters in any direction, so can detect smoke before it even reaches the location.

What’s more, because it draws air from around the sensor itself, an ASD system can protect large volumes of space without needing too many alarms or sensors. It is especially useful in warehouses, where it can detect smoke before it has a chance to affect many of the stored goods.

Types Of aspirating fire and smoke detection systems

There are two different types of aspirating fire and smoke detection systems available – pneumatic and ultrasonic. They both work on the basic principle outlined above but work slightly differently from each other. Pneumatic systems use a fan to pull air through, whereas ultrasonic systems use a pump.

The main benefit of aspirating fire and smoke detection systems is that they can quickly detect the source of the problem and take appropriate action. This means that you’re much less likely to lose lives or property damage as a direct result of the fire itself. Plus, it saves you time and money spent on unnecessary alarms. Get UK Best Training Course of Fire and Safety Awareness.

ASDs are highly sensitive, detecting even the smallest amounts of smoke without false alarms. This has obvious benefits for businesses that deal with flammable or explosive materials. They can be installed at any height to protect an entire area (such as a warehouse), making them ideal for large open spaces where locating smoke detectors is difficult.

A fire and smoke detection system can benefit any business using hazardous materials, any location that has large open spaces or areas where it would be difficult to install detectors, and any property with historical buildings (such as an old mill) where false alarms could cause damage.


Aspirating fire & smoke detection systems are widely-used systems for many reasons. They are easy to install and maintain, they provide a high level of safety and security throughout any building, and they offer maximum protection at a minimal cost.

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