4 Possible Ways Your Fire Protection System Could Be Violating Local Fire Code

4 Possible Ways Your Fire Protection System Could Be Violating Local Fire Code

Installing a fire alarm system in your facility demonstrates your dedication to the security and safety of the people who live, work, or work there. These individuals rely on you to have the necessary measures in place to keep them safe in the case of a fire. It’s critical to get your fire protection system inspected on a regular basis to guarantee it’s up to code.

These four frequent issues with your fire protection system can cause it to malfunction or stop performing properly, compromising its capacity to protect your property and people from fire. 

Dirty Smoke Detectors in Ductwork

Ensure that all smoke detectors in your air handling system’s ducting have been cleaned, tested, and are operational. Smoke detectors are commonly installed in ducts and dust systems in large buildings with extensive air handling systems. These detectors detect smoke from filters, motors, and fans, alerting you to take action before it’s too late.

The air filters in an air handling system filter a lot of air, and they quickly fill up. Due to the rapid accumulation of dust and debris, they must be changed on a frequent basis. Your fire prevention system will only operate if you keep smoke detectors in good working order and clean or replace air filters in the ducting on a regular basis.

Blocked Fire Exits

It is critical to keep your building’s fire exits clear and accessible for public safety. Make sure the area around all fire exits, especially near the emergency exits, is clutter-free.

Nothing should be blocking any backup escape doors in customer-accessible areas or employee workspaces, according to restaurant owners. Keeping your fire exits visible and accessible is a simple approach to ensure that your fire safety Awareness measures will pass inspection.


Blocked Fire Alarm Pull Stations

Fire alarm pull stations can be found in most modern structures. Even yet, people can accidentally obstruct these pull stations with furniture, plants, or other objects.

Ensure that the spaces surrounding all fire alarm pull stations are clearly labeled so that people may find them quickly in the event of an emergency. If someone does block the space, ask them to move it and remind them that those areas must remain open. It is possible to save lives by having easy access to a fire alarm.

Air Diffusers Near Smoke Detectors

Air diffusers may be positioned near smoke detectors in your building after HVAC renovations. When air diffusers are placed too close to smoke detectors, the smoke detector sensor becomes clogged with dust and grime. The pollution that results can lead to false alarms. Maintain a safe spacing between air diffusers and smoke detectors in your fire safety system.

Fire Protection Services 

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